What Is
Blended Call Center Solution?

Through the definite type of the amalgamation of both the inbound as well as the outbound call centers, the received outcome is known as the blended call center solutions. It has proven to be the best option for the intrinsic as well as extrinsic growth of the enterprise. Here, you do get to avail the best of the blended call center services by gearing up the key areas of the business connectivity in setting up both the inbound as well as outbound call centers. With this, you can develop the power to manage the technicalities of inbound as well as outbound calls with minimal effort. Thus, it can be said that the blended call center software does also provide you with an easy switching facility to manage the inbound and outbound calling tools.

Our cloud hosted blended call center solution gives you the opportunity to handle both your inbound and outbound calls through an extremely user-friendly software system. The managers can track and keep a record of all incoming and outgoing calls based on the routes of each call to or from the particular agent. Your organization gets all the freedom to receive and make calls as per its operational needs. This ensures the effective functioning of your business through cloud call center services. You can successfully bring down the rate of call abandonment and optimize the overall performance of your enterprise with a blended call center service.

Blended Call Center Solutions

Features of our Blended Call Center

Smart dialer function

Smart Dialer Function

Maximize your organization’s productivity and increase sales by using our blended call center software’s flawless smart dialer. With this, you get to save most of your time and effort.

Real time visual call display reporting


Stay tuned with all the recent developments within your telephony system through the real-time visual call display. It can help you figure out helpful protocols and plans to aid growth and optimization.

call transfer


Save valuable time for your organization with just one step by availing our easy call transfer technique. Also, learn to connect your callers to the relevant agents for their particular queries.

conference bridge


Get high quality audio and video calls while you connect with multiple callers and conduct virtual meetings with ease by relying on our blended call center services.

music on hold


With the music on hold feature, you can promote your services or products while your customers wait for a call to be answered or transferred to the relevant end.

call recording


When you record the calls, you get to monitor the performances of the agents whenever you want. You can use these recorded calls to train the new employees of your organization.

call barge


This feature helps you to monitor the calls made by your agents and keep a record of their performances. You can also keep a check on if any irrelevant or faulty information is being passed on to your callers by the agents.

custom call dispositions


This feature helps your calling agent to be on the same track as your management team. Call disposition customization on your blended call center software also allows your customers to have all the required information that they need.

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How Can Angel PBX Benefit You?

Improved management

Improved management

With us by your side as one of the best blended call center software, you can develop the key areas of your business and also improvise the mode of your connectivity, with the possession of managerial skills.

Big Saving

Big Saving

With Angel PBX, you do get to save a lot of money and purchase the best offers for enhancing the communication techniques of your organization.

Quality Service

Top-Notch Service

With Angel PBX, you do get the best of the services in no time and also get to reach out to us for any type of assistance in the near future.

Flexibility functionality

Flexibility Feature

Perceive the dynamic functionality of Angel PBX and cater to the needs and demands of call connectivity to enhance your business goals.

Greater performance

Greater Performance

Boost the productivity rate with the advanced technologies provided by us.

High Security

High Security

Alleviate the business goals with the assured security that shall always secure your business along with our exceptional services.