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Our outbound services enable you to achieve all your telecommunication and telephonic sales goals with absolute ease. We provide you with an extensive outbound call center service you get your entire customer database at once without any hassle. When you use this service it becomes possible for your organization to hold a comprehensive and effective telecommunication base with our smart technologies. The cloud based outbound calling services escalate the level of efficiency to manifolds and your customer relationships get stimulated further.

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Features of an Outbound Call Center

schedule call back

Scheduled call back

Whenever you miss an important client call you don’t need to worry too much. Our outstanding scheduled call back features for outbound calling services ensure that you don’t miss out a single opportunity.

answering mechine detection

Answering Machine Detection (AMD)

The ADM service provided by the Angel PBX does help you to detect the live calls by optimization of the concerned configuring technologies that can boost the efficacy of the team.

call load balancing

Call Load Balancing

With the feature of call load balancing, you can respond immediately to all your callers. It is one of the latest technologies to help the available agents to receive each and every call in outbound call center services.

internal dnc

Internal DNC

We have a feature of an internal built-in DNC on our outbound call center setup. This would allow you to follow the maintained protocol for outbound calling practices.

predictive dailing

Predictive Dialing

Our extensive call algorithm of hosted predictive dialers that we provide improves the calling process and increases your promotional campaign yields.
This is one of the best calling algorithms that you get with our services. Predictive dialers on your outbound calling optimize the functioning and also help during promotional campaigns.

robo calling


Through the aid of the robocalling feature, you do get to record messages initially and also use the key components of AI to promote the key areas of the business in the most effective way. There is less pressure from the concerned agents and leverages the productive power of the business efficaciously.

automatic script filling up

Automatic Script Filling Up

Save big with the low time consumption and also heighten the power of the connectivity with the aid of the automatic script filling up. Boost the creative zeal of the enterprise by empowering the smooth flow of the outbound calls.

dynamic caller id

Dynamic Caller ID

Through the aid of the Dynamic Caller ID, get the most of the benefit as you do perceive the variety in managing and also customizing the definite patterns of outbound calling, which in-turn promote the basics of calling campaigns.

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