Miscellaneous Features of Angel PBX

Other than calling and call management features, Angel PBX offers users loads of other features. These features help you improve your connectivity and establish better connections with your callers. Angel PBX, being the top most cloud telephony providers vouch to serve all customers well with full technical support. That is why we have established a set of features that make it possible for you to enjoy the smoothest communication services.

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Calling Features

With our services, you can use your internet not just to serve your calling purposes, but also to send FAX. it is a great feature that helps your organization to a great extent and makes the working of an enterprise easier.

Interactive Voice Response on a multi-level can take your inbound calling features to a whole new level. It makes it easier for both your customers as well as employees to route calls. This feature helps you to improve your customer satisfaction to a great extent.

Toll-free numbers let you exude a presence in the market in the form of a contact number. When you have a toll-free number out there in the market, all potential leads and customers find a quick way to connect to you which can ultimately cut the time for them to reconsider. Toll-free numbers are a great way to spread business and provide others a simpler way of communication.

The music on hold feature helps you to bring some good vibes to your telecommunication services. Your callers would not get bored while waiting for their calls to be answered. You can also use this feature to make promotional declarations.

DID numbers or Direct Inward Dialing numbers is a feature that helps you to route your calls to the desired line. It removes the need of establishing several multiple lines for each employee and you can simply keep one direct line that can be used in order to connect them.

It is one of the latest technologies that our services offer. With guaranteed QoS, you can have smoother and faster communications.

Internet Voice calling is one of the basics in our list of features. It helps you cut the possibility of losing any calls and have great conversations using your internet connection.

Free from manual dialing and use Repeat Dial to call the same number again

Getting remote access over the activities of your organization and having total control over each and every call that comes in and goes out of your systems from any remote location.