Calling Features of Angel PBX

Angel PBX has its services loaded with features that benefit users in all ways. From making the job of calling easier to manage the whole procedure better, Angel PBX’s features are always there to help and enhance your business services.

Here we shall discuss about the different calling features that you can enjoy while using Angel PBX’s services.

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Calling Features

Call blasting is a feature that allows you to dial up a list of numbers at the same time. This feature is used the most on predictive dialers to ensure that your agents do not have to spend long hours trying out different numbers one-at-a-time.
Call parking can smoothen your calling experiences to a great extent. This feature is most effective when there is a heavy flow of calls in your business. It allows your agent to put a call on hold on one phone and transfer the same to another.
Call recording is a great feature that allows you to keep all the calls, incoming or outgoing, recorded. With this feature, you can monitor the calls and use them to train your new agents later as well.
Block the unimportant calls and avaoid mismanagement.
The call return feature helps you avoid the chance of losing any caller. If you fail to attend any call, you can return to that call and get back to your caller. Call return is a great feature that helps you to maintain the pressure when there is a heavy flow of incoming calls.
The feature of call transfer helps you to forward your call to any desired end while being on the line. This feature is a great aid for organizations with multiple sectors of working or enterprises with properly organized departments. You can switch your caller from one ned to another.
Call forwarding is a process with which you can route your calls to another line. When you forward a call, the caller would ring one number, but the call will end up at a different point.
Call hunting or line hunting is a process that ensures that a caller does not have to wait for a busy line while dialing a number. It increases the chances of faster connectivity between your agents and customers.
Call blocking is anytime one of the most useful features provided by telephonic service providers. It is always the most effective way to avoid unnecessary calls and save your valuable time.
Call conferencing is a great feature aiding your business meetings and even product promotion when you launch something new in the market. Our call conferencing feature helps you connect with multiple callers over the cloud and hence can be carried out from remote locations.
On a web-based telecommunication process, a click to call feature makes it easier for you to connect to your desired line with a single button click. This saves the time of searching a number and dialing it. All you have to do is assign a key for your important contacts and you can make the calls with one simple click.
With the call waiting feature, you will always be aware of calls even when you’re already on a different call. This also lets your caller know that your line is busy and gives them the option to wait or try back later, if you find the waiting call more important you can keep the one ongoing on hold and attend to the more important one.
Repeat dialing or redialing is a great feature when you’re in a meeting and need to contact one particular line repeatedly.
Call screening is a great feature that is extremely valuable in the tele-calling industry. With this feature, you can check the nature and characteristics of the call before actually receiving would help you know if a potential buyer is calling or someone who would just listen to your offers and won’t be a converted lead. You can choose to take the calls according to our decision.
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