Why Angel PBX Serves Call Center Phone Systems best?

We are committed to producing the best quality cloud call center solutions that would fit best for your industry and serve all your communication needs. Our cloud call center software is free of bugs and gives you a strong database to manage all your incoming and outgoing calls. With it, your employees and agents connect with each other and entertain customers from remote corners of the world. This enhances the productivity of your enterprise. You can thus successfully remove the added hassles of space and time from your regular functioning.

The call center software solutions provided by Angel PBX give you superior quality voice calling. Using this system, you can keep a detailed and analytic report of all the calls received. and made by your agents. With this, you can have support for all your future call references. You can also manage the quality of calls as well as the efficiency of your agents in their particular fields. Even during hours of rush, our call center software solutions would not break. It is designed to support organizations during rush hours with perfect ease and stability. Our team of technicians provides you with the best support any time you need it. You can also customize the specific features according to your organization or client’s requirements with our cloud call center phone systems.

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Get agile business methodology with comprehensive cloud call center support.
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Frequently Asked Questions

A call center is a dedicated department for handling inbound and outbound calls from potential customers. You can either choose to rely on in-house services or outsource them to a different company. Various types of call center software are used to cater to customer calls in a much better way.

The uses of call center software are as follows:

  • Predictive dialing
  • Inbound calling
  • Outbound calling
  • Filter-based calling
  • Customized dialing
  • Blended calling

Without any doubt, a call center service is very profitable for small businesses. Here is how:

  • Easy accessibility for customers
  • Build your business with useful assistance
  • Creating and maintaining a goodwill
  • Building long-lasting relationships with customers
  • A continuous 24*7 support

A cloud call center caters and handles all calls virtually. The main function of cloud call centers:

  • Advanced contact routing
  • Integrated voice response
  • Workforce optimization
  • Speech analytics

There are several reasons supporting cloud call center service for businesses. Take a look now:

  • Cloud solutions reduce business costs significantly in the long run
  • With cloud solutions, you get enhanced security
  • Offer superior customer experiences
  • Enjoy greater agent versatility
The cloud call center can increase profit in your business. Since, it offers a more personalized experience, your ROI increases. Customers get to trust you even more and thus your brand recognition enhances. With it, your sales also increase by providing more details about your products and services. Also, there will be fewer chances of your customers leaving you without any purchase.

Yes, the services of the cloud call center are cheaper. Since there will be no hardware installation, the services will be quite affordable. Also, by choosing us for cloud call center solutions , you don’t need to pay any extra hidden charge.

Without any further search, you should depend on us for top-notch call center services. No wonder, Angel PBX is the leading call center services provider.
With time, everything is being taken to the cloud. We are living amidst a cut-throat digitalized world where to thrive among others it is important to rely on cloud call center solutions. Thus, when everything is being modernized, your business needs a transformation, too.
A predictive dialer is an automatic phone dialer system that makes phone calls before an agent is available. The dialer makes multiple calls across lines and hangs up when it reaches an answering machine. When an agent is detected on the phone, the dialer connects the right agent to the line.

Predictive dialers have several benefits, they are:

  • Upscales your organization’s workforce
  • Enhances lead generation
  • Enjoy more profits
  • Better customer service
Yes, your business does need a predictive dialer. To make your business touch the sky, you must reap the benefits of using a predictive dialer.

The role of a predictive dialer in the cloud call center is to decide when an agent will be available to take the next call and it can dial multiple telephone numbers at the same time. With this, the connection between the customer and agent also increases.

An inbound call center exclusively handles incoming customer phone calls. It comes with the technology to receive and distribute incoming calls to specific agents. This simply means call center agents wait for incoming calls rather than actively making calls.

Under inbound call centers, the services include:

  • Call forwarding
  • Processing orders
  • Taking messages
  • Handling complaints
  • Technical support

An outbound call center makes direct calls to an organization’s prospects or customers. They are responsible for pitching business sales by making calls. However, the call purpose can be anything.

The benefits of outbound call center includes the following:

  • Builds customer loyalty
  • Enhances scalability
  • Lower operational costs

A blended call center is one where agents receive and make calls simultaneously to meet strategic demands of the customers.

There is a reason why every business must go for blended call center solutions. Here’s why:

  • Increased flexibility and adaptability to any business situation
  • Improvement in call efficiency
  • High rate of customer satisfaction
  • Increased profits