Let Hosted PBX Solutions Modernize Your Business Communications

Modernize Your Business Communications With Hosted PBX Solutions

Hosted PBX Solutions does give you the freedom to operate all your concerned servers from any remote location. It is called the cloud based PBX or virtual PBX system, it is indeed one of the most adaptable communication procedures, which is basically operating on IP based services. It also enables you to route and track your calls over the internet. cloud PBX solutions does give you a simplified communication structure. If you are looking to follow your ideal budget within your business, then Angel PBX can satisfy you completely.

Communication is the fundamental ingredient to success for any organization. Our highly experienced team of technicians never forgets that. We help you establish a seamless network of communication that is transmitted digitally through your internet connection with a business hosted PBX. This process of communication has proved to be more efficient and economical. Virtual PBX service gives you the power to control and manage all your incoming and outgoing calls. It is designed in a way that you can connect both within your office and with the world outside to have full control over your organization’s connectivity.

Hosted PBX

How Does
Hosted PBX Work?

Hosted PBX service providers give you the option to run all your required servers from remote locations. This is one of the most adaptable communication procedures that operates completely on IP based services. It enables you to route and locate your calls over the internet. This gives you a simplified communication structure. If your aim is to curtail the operational cost of your enterprise, it needs to be your choice.

The virtual PBX system uses just one terminal to manage all the calls without making any changes to your communication structure. Therefore, you just need to invest in the setup once. The rest of your extensions and usages would never need any change, addition, or disturbance on your initially existing line. When using a smartphone, one can replace their phone’s ID with the company’s caller ID and act as a virtual employee, connecting through softphones and VoIP desk phones. Hence, you can work from anywhere, anytime with cloud based PBX.

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Why Choose
Angel PBX For
Hosted PBX Solutions?

Lesser Operational Expenses
Upgraded Customer Service
Secured and Multi-Functional
Regional Reliability
Accentuate Productivity

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It is now the time to keep a track of all your calls by enabling the feature of ‘call recording’ to be able to manage all your calls, with ease at any point of time. With the facility of the call recording, you do get to witness the convenience of protecting vital data.

Possess the feasibility of managing your calls to prioritize your needs at the peak hours of busy schedule. Have the power of controlling the important calls and ignoring the spam ones.

Avail the facility of the priority call routing to distribute the calls as per your needs and demands, to enhance better connectivity with agents.

Empower your business skills with the call hunting strategy, and set up the advanced call forwarding facility of directing your calls to the right representative, to develop potentiality.

Engage your customers with the facility of the ‘on-hold music’ while the customers wait for you for long time during the business hours.

Boost the creativity within your company with the initiation of the software, to not miss any of the vital customer calls, at any point of time.

Manage the calls by merging them as per the needs to get the easy mode of convenience in communication.

Develop the mode of your communication with the aid of call transfer option to the right domain to manage all your concerned customers and clients, in the most effective way.

Why angel PBX?

Angel PBX is one of the leading hosted PBX solutions providers in the telephony market. Our services ensure security, versatility, and reliability at the best market rates. Our unrestrained flow of connectivity lets you have full access to your business, inside-out. We provide you with multiple layers of virtual PBX services so you have an effortless reach for your business.

We top the telephony market because:


Strengthening the procedure of business communication to ensure a seamless operational flow.


We have an expert team of technicians to help you out with all your queries and technical issues.


You get a uniform communication system while saving on all allied costs with our cloud hosted PBX.


Utilize the powers of the internet to reach further and have a global customer base.


With all the latest technologies up our sleeves, we have a solution for all your emergency requirements.
When you set up a hosted PBX connection, by availing services from the trusted cloud PBX providers, adding more lines to your communication structure would not require setting up new connections.


Try out all the professional services free of charge for the trial period with support and maintenance from our team.

Frequently Asked Questions

With hosted PBX solutions, you can operate all your concerned servers from any remote location. Also known as cloud PBX or virtual PBX, it is one of the most adaptable communication methods. It enables one to route and track calls over the internet. Besides, with hosted PBX, everything takes place over the internet. Moreover, if you are seeking hosted PBX services under budget then Angel PBX can pacify your needs in this case.

Hosted PBX modernizes business communications. Some of its attractive functions include:

  • Auto attendant
  • Voicemail to text
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
  • Free local and toll-free numbers
  • Audio and video conferencing
  • Advanced call routing
Being a cloud-based, virtual PBX phone system, it delivers secure and reliable phone service to every business that needs it. Everything takes place via the internet only. There is no requirement for any privately managed call controller or server.

Hosted PBX ensures the following system features:

  • Long-term cost savings
  • Ensures business continuity in the near future
  • Perform real-time monitoring
  • Check caller ID
  • Exclusive on-hold music

The benefits of hosted PBX include the following:

  • Enjoy more savings under low cost
  • No need for technical knowledge since there is no complexities
  • Make your company more productive with enhanced features
  • Stay connected from anywhere, anytime
Hosted PBX is very effective for small businesses. Instead, every type of business whether it is big or small benefits from virtual PBX. This is only because the expenses are very affordable for even a startup to use it.

Hosted PBX can be the best for your firm since all of your data will be secured in the cloud and you can cater to customer calls efficiently. Besides, this system is entirely controlled through online VoIP. Moreover, this thing can be best for your firm due to:

  • Cost savings
  • Ease of use
  • Scalability
  • Operational continuity
  • Remote access
Yes, your business can grow with hosted PBX. All you need to do is rely on us for the setup and everything will be done in your favor.
Yes, it's definitely true that the services of hosted PBX are affordable. Since there is no requirement for any hardware, everything comes under budget.
A hosted PBX is a cloud-based phone system. Talking about VoIP, it is the method of making calls. Furthermore, a virtual PBX operates with the help of VoIP. They both work together united as a platform and a method. By combining these two technologies together, you will enjoy business efficiency and cost savings.