Inbound Call Center Solutions to Host Incoming Calls Efficiently

Using an effective inbound call center solution for your business assists you to procure powerful leads that can be converted into sales with ease. Angel PBX gives you the best experience in inbound calling services. This call center solution has been designed exclusively to fulfill the functioning of your corporate in the This call center solution has been designed exclusively to fulfill all the functional aspects of the corporate domain, seamlessly. Our inbound call center solutions give the way to manage and record all your incoming client calls. This service not only benefits your employees and agents, it also proves to be great help for your customers and leads. It gives them the benefit of checking the status of availability of your agents whenever they try contacting. It also makes it easier for your clients to contact a particular agent who has probably helped or know the existing issue of the particular customer. In short, it makes the connectivity between your organization and clients stronger than ever. With our special cloud hosting features, your agents can work from remote locations as well. This boosts up your productivity when your agents go for onsite duties. To bridge the gap between your organization and customers, inbound call center solutions give you the maximum benefit.

Inbound Call Center

Features you sign up for with our services

multi- ebel ivr

Multi-Level IVR

Engage your customers with better connectivity of the calls by re-directing routing the call to the concerned agent at the concerned time of the day, to gain more of the marginalized gross profit.

advanced call allocation

Advanced Call Allocation

Possess the intelligent power of transmitting the calls to the direct agent at the right time to develop the core areas of your enterprise.

music on hold

Music On Hold

Provide much of the ease of comfort to the customers with the on-hold music at the busy business hours to give them feasible option while they anticipate.

queue managment

Queue Management

Increase the efficacy of the business with the technicalities of the queue management as each of the customers does perceive the concerned priority of ‘waiting time’ amid the long business hours.

call waiting

Call Waiting

Boost the creativity of the business with the active call waiting of the enterprise as each of the concerned customers and the clients does have the power of waiting at the long hours of the business time’s schedule.

call forwarding

Call Forwarding

Possess the power of controlling and re-directing the concerned calls of the customers to the agent, seamlessly without facing much of the hassle.

call routing

Call Routing

Enhance the power of the business with the key feature of distributing the incoming calls at the right time to promote the key areas of the business.

call transfer

Call Transfer

Have the easy access of flipping the calls to the right person at the peak hours of the business to cater to the needs and demands of your firm.

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Inbound Call Center Solutions

Reasons to Choose our Inbound Call Center Solutions

Improved calling

Improved calling

Purchase the free access of video calling with the aid of inbound call center solutions, and enjoy better mode of connectivity.

Easy installation

Easy installation

You don’t have to bother installing any additional hardware or get the help from any one to initiate the use of an inbound call center. All you need is the software and you’re all set to go!

Internet voicemails

Internet voicemails

Internet voice calling optimizes your work through emails. It is one advanced quality that helps you get more leads for your organization as well.

CRM Coordination

CRM Coordination

Customer Relationship Management becomes the smoothest procedure when you use Angel PBX’s inbound call center solutions.

customer support

24/7 customer support

Get the best customer support with Angel PBX’s call center solutions. We are available all the time, glad to help you with all queries and issues.

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