Debunking The Popular Myths Of SIP Trunking

  • July 26, 2022

Today, SIP Trunking is soaring in popularity! More and more organizations are depending on a business SIP trunk provider to streamline their methods of communication with the world. The Session Initiated Protocol Trunking comes under the category of most promising yet simple controls! And no business can ignore its compelling features.

At present, we all look out for ways on how to survive in this thriving world of competitors. And SIP trunk is that one thing which we should not miss out on! But we often fall for the common myths surrounding Session Initiated Protocol Trunking. Hence, it is time that we debunk all of these and get started with the SIP trunk right away.

Top Myths Surrounding Sip Trunking

Are your refraining yourself from relying on the top business SIP trunk provider only because of some disbeliefs? Well, without any delay, start reading the pointers below. These will help you make an informed decision.

  1. Reduces The Quality Of Your Calls : One of the biggest misconceptions surrounding SIP trunking is that it impacts call quality. It is normal that no organization would want to face the risk of calls cutting down on mid-conversation or having to apologize for interference on the line. However, if your system undergoes a proper installation process then this thing should not happen at all. Besides, business VoIP is completely internet-based, so if your internet connection is not stable then only it will hamper your call quality. Hence, to ensure that nothing hampers your call quality, keep a backup connection in handy.

  2. The Set-Up Process Is Complicated : You don’t need thorough technical knowledge to set up this system. It is just important to keep in mind that your hosted PBX is SIP enabled, which the modern ones generally are. However, if you are using an old one then you must buy an analog telephone adapter (ATA) to make it work more efficiently! But, remember, these things are not costly at all! Furthermore, if you are unsure then just take a look at the PBX. If it already has a data jack then you can use it with cloud SIP trunking without even buying an extra kit. After this, you will just have to configure it as per your user manual.

  3. Everything Is About Only Voice Calls : The benefits of SIP trunk just go beyond voice calls. And everything is not only about making voice calls! For instance, you don’t need to apply it only on telephones; it can be used for endpoints like smart phones, tablets, and desktops. However, beyond this, it can be used to support video communications and instant messaging systems. Besides, you will get more value out of your investment for sure. Thus, it is proven that the SIP trunk is not only about just voice calls!

  4. The System Is Risky : Why are you thinking it is risky? Every other communication is not 100% risk-free but this has nothing to do with SIP trunks. Hence, you must not stop yourself from relying on credible SIP trunking providers. The main thing is the errors we make are riskier! So, ensure that your passwords are stronger, and check that you are authenticated based on your IP address. Remember to update all your software and firmware. Also, use VPNs to secure your network in a better way. 


Finally, as we have reached the end of this blog, it is high time that you consider relying on a business SIP trunk provider. All the common myths revolving around SIP trunks are finally debunked! So, don’t let anything stop you from making your business touch the sky through this. Hence, get started right away.

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