The Top Must-Have Features Of Virtual PBX System

  • July 14, 2022

Are you thinking of switching to a virtual PBX system? Well, your decision is correct, but are you sure about the features that can benefit your business? Nothing is stopping you from reaping the benefits of cloud-hosted PBX! However, it is vital to understand how you can benefit from it in the long run.

Besides, you cannot simply depend upon cloud-hosted PBX without knowing everything about its essential features. Hence, don’t fret! We have got you covered. Be sure to read this blog till the end to gather information about the top must-have features of virtual hosted PBX. 

So, let’s get started!

What Exactly Is PBX Virtualization?

Many businesses get confused between hosted PBX and virtual PBX. Even though the two terms are quite similar to each other, there are significant differences between them. In simple words, PBX virtualization is the process by which a system is used to establish a one-stop server for multiple applications and tools by the organization.

For instance, the virtual PBX system will store all your official data under one server only. Since everything will be taken to the cloud, there will be lower managing costs in the long run. 

How Does Cloud-Based Pbx Work?

The cloud IP PBX system does not need specific hardware to operate. It utilizes cloud-based software, internet connection, and business VoIP to deliver seamless results. Today, almost every business is realizing the importance of having this system.

Furthermore, when we talk about taking everything to the cloud, it directly means that all your important data will be stored in the cloud. Although the working of this PBX is similar to traditional PBX systems, the slight changes have created a great impact. All that a virtual office phone system needs is a reliable internet connection. 

Take A Look At The Top Features Of Virtual PBX

Looking to improve your business? You have landed on the right page! Without wasting any more time, take a quick look at the top features of the virtual PBX system.

  1.  Auto-Attendant : When talking about the virtual office phone system, the auto-attendant feature must top your priority list. This feature delivers automated call replies, welcome messages, general business announcements, and many more things. Businesses that receive a high amount of customer calls daily must look out for this feature.

  2. Interactive Voice Response (Ivr) : The incoming callers can gather information via a voice response system. This feature uses pre-recorded messages without speaking to an agent using Interactive Voice Response (IVR). During high call volumes, this feature can be used to assist customers in finding answers and conducting simple tasks themselves. Besides, this thing will also reduce the hold time.

  3. Free Toll-Free Numbers : Today, a business without a toll-free number is unrecognizable in the industry. To create a firm foothold in the industry, it is essential to rely on a toll-free number for business. With a local phone number, the customers won’t be charged for contacting you. Your business caller ID will show an area code that won’t charge extra fees.

  4. Call Routing And Queuing : One of the major benefits of using cloud-based PBX is the advanced call routing and queuing. Agents might not be able to answer calls each time. Hence, instead of keeping the call on hold, inbound callers can join the queue. With an automated message, they will get to know what position in the queue they are in and how long they are expected to wait. 


So, these are the top must-have features of the virtual PBX system. Hence, decide for yourself as to which features are essential for your business and proceed with this cloud call center software right away.

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