Virtual PBX System: A Complete Beginners Guide

  • May 3, 2022

It has been perceived by millions that business communications are expensive, in the present day. But in reality, it is less costly. There are numerous choices to browse through, but there’s no harm in making the most out of virtual PBX system

Such PBX systems are less expensive with simple capacity. However, it is important to understand how it functions. Therefore, this blog exists to help you in this regard. Furthermore, there is so much more then it just being a virtual office phone system. 

With the advancement of communications technology, the world of communication had completely transformed. The internet has taken control of communication and one of the most important tools among them is virtual PBX. 

Meaning of Virtual Business Phone System

Virtual PBX is nothing complicated but simple call centre software that helps in communication needs. In short, a virtual PBX is a Private Branch Exchange. It is provided by a hosted service. That means an external provider hosts or provides the services for your PBX system to make the communication network possible. 

The Working Process of Virtual Phone System

Understanding how hosted PBX works should not confuse you. This system converts phone calls into data using the latest telecommunication technology. After this, it is sent over the internet and other local networks. Moreover, everything starts with a local phone number. 

Benefits of Using this Call Centre Software

There are some significant benefits of using virtual PBX system. Take a look at the following pointers below.

  1. It is Cost-Effective : This is one of the most important reasons why most businesses have switched from traditional phone systems to virtual phone systems. A virtual PBX is completely hosted in the cloud. Your service provider is responsible for taking for it. There will be extra expenses with regards to installation, hardware and maintenance. Besides, you can also cut down the cost of hiring additional employees to attend phone calls, hiring IT staff to maintain the smooth flow of communication. Your service provider will do all these for you.

  2. No Restrictions on Working Space : Virtual PBX entirely depends upon internet data. You can easily connect with your important clients and customers whether you are home, office or work. If your business is doing work remotely then investing in this system can be the best option. Therefore, there are no limitations to working space and no hardware installation.

  3. Advantage of Scalability : This point is really beneficial for your business in the long run. The hosted PBX can easily adapt to your business environment in no time. Based on the number of existing staff, you can also remove or add phone lines and extensions. Thus, this brings the benefit of scalability.

  4. The Quality of Voice Call : Since its emergence, the voice quality of calls through this call centre software has been better. That is due to the contribution of high speed internet, robust compression rates, and an improvement in service quality. Also, to ensure that there is no further disturbance, most service providers have come up with their own broadband connection to offer seamless service.

  5. High-End Security : Virtual office phone system providers are responsible for ensuring world-class security measures to secure your cloud based PBX system. Within the cloud based system, it is easy to deploy firewall systems, security patches and software updates. That ensures top-notch security of your system. However, there could be other security systems that your vendor may implement to make it more secure. 


Hope this beginner’s guide was useful for you. The pricing and feature will vary of the virtual PBX system will vary according to your business needs. It is better to communicate directly with service providers and place your requirements accordingly. So, what are you waiting for? Get started today to grow your business.

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