Virtual PBX System: Is It The Right Time To Look Beyond?

  • July 28, 2022

Today, most organizations are depending on a virtual PBX System to handle their customer calls. Even if there are so many alternatives available, relying on cloud based PBX can still be the best option. Besides, it is high time that you look beyond this system and get started with modernization right away. 

A virtual PBX can help you host calls efficiently. It defines a new way of communication method. The only thing you require is a reliable internet connection after which you can get started with cloud hosted PBX. 

However, take time to read this blog to explore what is beyond hosted PBX. 

What Is Virtual PBX?

With a virtual PBX, you can make and receive business calls over the internet. For this, businesses must buy and maintain bulky infrastructure like a PBX server, analog telephones, and many more things. 

How Does It Work?

An IP PBX system works just like the traditional PBX network. However, in this case, all the calls are made and received over the internet. The system converts the analog signals into digital signals and directs the call to a business VoIP operator. After which, the operator connects the call to the customer’s phone directly. 

Is The Cloud PBX Suitable For Small Businesses?

Yes, cloud based PBX is suitable for small businesses. The upfront cost and everything are less than that of traditional PBX. You will not need any external hardware at all. All the procedures of this call center software will take place online. 

However, you must remember to have a strong internet connection as a backup. Hence, it is suitable for startups and you can save huge costs in the long run. While many think, the setup process is expensive, in reality, you don’t have to spend a single dime for the installation process. 

Why Is Virtual Hosted PBX Better?

With a virtual office phone system, there is no scene of an on-premise server. Furthermore, it provides several benefits like cost savings, flexibility, productivity, and many more. Let’s take a deeper look at them below:

  1. Cost Savings : Without any doubt, the most important benefit of cloud hosted PBX is cost savings. Today, almost every business wants to operate on a budget. However, with cloud call center software, the investment is less and the installation costs are quite less than that of traditional PBX. Due to this, most organizations are resorting to this system to reap considerable benefits in the long run.

  2. Saves Your Time : You don’t have to face the hassle of booking a technician to set up virtual PBX. For this system, the set-up process is quick and easy. Thus, with easy installation, much of your time will be saved. Besides, adding a phone line or 20 new lines would typically take a few minutes since everything is software-based.

  3. Keep Your Existing Phone System : Organizations can keep their existing system and enjoy the benefits of the cloud IP PBX system. You can integrate it efficiently to any device with just simple clicks. However, if your system supports SIP trunking or business VoIP then you don’t have to buy any additional software. Cloud PBX can merge with any existing infrastructure, thus giving you more flexibility on how you route your calls. 


Last but not least, it is high time that you start realizing the importance of relying on cloud telephony providers and start modernizing your business right away. You don’t need to worry about the expenses since everything will be done under budget. However, hope this blog has served your purpose. Therefore, don’t delay in making an informed decision. 

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