What is The Major Difference Between VOIP and Hosted PBX

  • November 5, 2021

In the present day there has been much of the growth of the telecommunication in the business domain. With relevance to this, it can be said that there is also the dire need to possess the definite type of the mandate protocols to gain the substantial rate of the gross profit. While many of the business do seek for the advanced type of the settings to alleviate their businesses, yet at the same time it is also true that there is much of the need to possess the core essentials of redirecting the business performance to the secured level. With the precision of the communication to heighten the business performance in the current day, there has been the demand of the hosted PBX providers and the VOIP service providers more and more, only to sustain more in this high rise of the competing world. There are much of the effective measures needed to manage the calls in the busy day of the business sector, which is also to be considered while seeking for the communication tools, which can be fruitful for the core performance of the business.

Why Does The Business Need The Hosted PBX?

There are many valid reasons for the integration of the Hosted PBX which can alleviate the core functioning of the workforce. In the present day many of the businesses need to link multiple worksites and also increase the net rate of the workforce productivity. Unlike the traditional phone system, that does work using public switched telephone network (PSTN), the main aim of the same is to foster the rampant growth of the business, through the reduced cost.

What Are The Major Differences Between The Hosted PBX and VOIP?

Many of the business often confuse the functioning of the PBX with that of the VOIP services, as there are much more common features between the two. Both has been directed to enhance the mode of the workforce of the business telecommunication but at the same time there is much of the major differences on the cost rates and the mode of the maintenance etc; that needs to be considered:

  • Upfront investment mode varies between the two: Installation of the on-site PBX by the hosted PBX providers is quite difficult and it does take much time for the same as there is the major requirement of the uninterruptible power supply, expensive routers and also VOIP gateways, software and also other hardware.

  • Impressive call quality with VOIP telephony: Things have changed with the core integration of the VOIP that uses the PSTN network to deliver the high quality HD call connectivity. Better calls can be induced within the enterprise through the core integration of modest use of the network bandwidth to heighten the workforce connection.

  • Higher cost with developed internet connection in PBX: When it comes to hosted PBX, there is the integration of the higher level of the cost that is included due to the developed infrastructure that is infused within the system. On the other hand, it is true that there is the reduced cost when it comes to the maintenance of the VOIP telephony communications.

  • Higher reliability of VOIP than compared to PBX: When it comes to the VOIP, it is true that there is the acquisition of the higher reliability through the higher profitability that it does fetch with its usage.

  • Emergency calling with the VOIP telephony: When there is the need to make any type o0f the emergency calls, then it is the time to have the usage and also the integration of the better connectivity which can uplift the core areas of the business performance. This is provided by the VOIP service providers through the inculcation of the existing network.

  • Much more security in PBX routes than VOIP: Since there is much of the variation that is induced in the telecommunication network, hence to maintain the high mode of security by the VOIP service providers, there is the additional requirement of the high cost budget, while on the other hand, in the case of PBX, since it does directly route the external call with the PSTN, there is the lesser cost and also the higher level of the security that is gained through the integration of the same. Thus, it can be said that there is the lesser risk of hacking in the case of the PBX.


Thus, it can be said that there is the better rate of the call productivity through the direct integration of the PBX services fetched by the Hosted PBX providers that can also lead to the intrinsic growth of the net rate of the success rate of the business, which is the key point of the present day in the high level of the competing world that is also looking for the best ways to score up their own pace of workforce.

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