Which is the Best PBX Phone System for Small Businesses?

  • August 29, 2022

Every business looks out for the best ways for effective communication with their clients and customers. Moreover, with the use of cloud hosted PBX, an organization can take its communication methods to the next level. So, are you a start-up who is looking for the right way to upscale your business communication or reach out to customers worldwide? 

Worry no more in this regard since you have landed on the correct page. The PBX, which is a Private Branch Exchange has been the most preferred option for business communication for a long time. With hosted PBX, organizations can connect with people both inside and outside their company through the analog, digital and virtual office phone system.

So, take a look at this blog below to know about the best PBX phone system for small businesses. 

Top PBX Phone Systems for Start-Ups

Here is the complete list of top PBX phone systems for small businesses, take a look:

  1. Angel PBX: Angel PBX  is a leading virtual office phone system provider that pacifies the search of every business that is looking for the best cloud call center solutions. This top cloud telephony provider is the right choice for organizations of various sizes. No matter what types of cloud services you are looking for, you will get everything here. With the high-end features of their business VoIP, you make your organization reach heights in no time. Hence, relying on them is what you must do right now. 

  2. Asterisk: Asterisk is a robust IP PBX system for business with modernized features that can upscale your organizational functions. It comes with numerous automation capabilities and enables people to build their own communication channels. Businesses of all sizes can easily depend on Asterisk. It is possible to enjoy the variety of features that it offers. Each user can get their toll free number, allowing you to expand your business globally.

  3. Grasshopper: Freshcaller is another reliable IP PBX system that requires no additional hardware, downloads, or maintenance costs. With it, you can keep your personal and business data separately. However, it comes with some excellent phone number features. You can easily port current phone numbers, purchase a new local phone number, create vanity phone numbers, use existing carriers or select a new carrier. With this platform, you get a range of comprehensive call handling features, including the ability to direct calls to voicemail, create personalized greetings, etc.

  4. Net2Phone: Net2Phone is built to facilitate business growth and empower communications. With its time communication analytics with performance-based data, you identify and address inefficiencies. Its key features include free unlimited calling and texting, there is desktop and mobile app extensions, shared phone numbers, voicemail transcriptions, and many more. 

Why Should You Rely on Angel PBX?

It is essential to integrate cloud hosted PBX into your business. So, choose the best hosted PBX providers, which is Angel PBX, and get started with the virtual office phone system right away. Moreover, with the right virtual PBX system, you can enhance your organization easily. 

Here are some of the benefits of having an IP PBX system for business with Angel PBX:

  • Less operational expenses

  • High-end customer service

  • Increased productivity


Finally, it’s the end of this blog. Be sure to rely on the best cloud telephony providers to reap the benefits of success in the long run. So, don’t delay anymore, connect with the top VoIP service today. Make your business touch the sky now by taking an informed decision about your organization today! 

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